Connect and learn bird language at one of our engaging introductory events. Bird Language Leaders events are hosted around North America by our network of trained and certified organizations.

*Please contact the organizers of the hosting organization for more event details. The links below will take you to the appropriate website for each local event.*


2016 Events

Monthly Bird Sits:

First Saturdays (Bloomington, Minnesota)

Fridays (Israel)

Special Events:

January 23rd – Aerial Predators Workshop (Austin, Texas)

February 20 – Jon Young presentation @ Pacific Flyways Festival , 1-2pm (Mare Island, San Francisco Bay)

February 21st – Bird Language Workshop (Sacramento, California)

March 20th – Bird Language Workshop (Sacramento, California)

March 21-26 – 8 Shields Bird Language Intensive (Santa Cruz Mountains, California)

April 17th – Bird Language Workshop (Sacramento, California)

April 23rd – Nest Robbers Workshop (Austin, Texas)

April 23rd – Bird Language Workshop (New Lebanon, NY)

April 27-May 1st – Bird Language Intensive (Ocean Park, Maine)

April 30-May 1st –  Bird Language Weekend (New Lebanon, NY)

July 23rd – Ground Predators Workshop (Austin, Texas)

April 30th – Bird Language Workshop (Lino Lakes, Minnesota)

July 7-9th – Bird Language Workshop (Teva Hawadam Ecofarm, Israel)

September 9th – Bird Language Conference (Oranim College, Israel)

September 9-11th – Bird Language Weekend (Sandstone, Minnesota)

October 19-22nd – Bird Language Workshop (Perdes-Hana, Israel)

October 23rd – Human Caused Alarms Workshop (Austin, Texas)

October 31st – Beginning of bi-weekly year long Bird Language Course (Israel)

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